2020 Remodeling Showcase Awards

Enter your favorite remodeling projects in our Remodeling Showcase Awards! Remodelers can submit projects of all types for a chance at some extra kudos and prestige. Winners will be presented at a special awards celebration luncheon in the spring. 

Earlybird Entry Deadline - January 24, 2020 - Cost: $195 first entry; $145 each additional

Final Entry Deadline - February 7, 2020  - Cost: $245 first entry; $195 each additional

Each entry will be judged on its own merit by a group of highly qualified judges. The winners will be announced at the April 7th, Remodeling Showcase Awards Luncheon at the Barn at Stoner Commons.

YOU WILL BE TIMED OUT AND SUBMISSION WILL NOT GO THROUGH IF YOU LET THE COMPUTER SIT IDLE... Please note: When submitting an entry for an award, all required information must be entered at once. You will not have the ability to log in and out of the program. If you close the program prior to submission, information that was previously entered will not be saved.

BIA Remodeling Showcase Awards

Information and Rules


To submit an entry in any category, you must be a member in good standing of the BIA of Lancaster County.  

Entry Submission Information

Multiple entries can be made by the same company, after your first entry please be sure to check the "This is an additional entry" box at the top of the Company Information section of each award category. This will ensure your multiple entry discount.  

All images should be saved at a resolution of approximately w-1800. Save all images as JPEG files 300dpi at highest quality. Should you have additional pictures you'd like included in your submission feel free to send them in a folder via dropbox to melanie@lancasterbuilders.org  

The contact email that is listed under the Company Information Section of each award category will receive a complete entry summary upon submission.


Payment can be made at time of submission via credit card. You may also request to be invoiced. 

Multiple entries can be made by the same company. However, if paying online with a credit card, payment is required at the time of submission for each entry. 

Judging Criteria - Click Here for a printable overview of judging criteria

Workmanship/Quality of Construction

•       Overall quality and appearance

•       Degree of skill and craftsmanship

•       Attention to detail

Innovation and Creativity

•       Solution to special or difficult problem

•       Innovation and Creativity


•       Function and Style

•       Special design features

•       Use of space

Value and Cost Relationship

•       Were unique and/or value added techniques used

•       How does the perceived value of the project compare to the cost?

Sensitivity to Design or Intent

•       Does it compliment the design of the original structure OR meet the architectural intent/goal of the homeowner?

       Do the finishes match or blend with the existing structure OR meet the architectural intent/goal of the homeowner?

•       Did the remodeler properly guide the homeowner with the project and/or challenges?


Should the situation occur where there is only one entry in an award category, the entry must reach a point threshold in order to win the award. The BIA reserves the right to eliminate any category due to insufficient entries or where the entry did not meet the required point threshold. 

For more information or questions regarding submission of entries contact Melanie Capanelli - melanie@lancasterbuilders.org or (717) 569-2674